The Top 50 ranking of the most powerful supercomputers in Russia


Beginning from the very first computers, researchers constantly encountered the tasks, solution of which demanded much more computing power than it was available at that time. Such tasks appeared and continue appearing everywhere: aerodynamics and oil production, weather forecast and microelectronics, pharmaceutics and design of new materials, cryptography and bioengineering. It is just a small list of the application areas, where computers with the actually beyond the limits productivity will be required for the successful advance.

In December 2004 in order to help being oriented correctly in the world of High Performance Computing systems and to have the possibility to operationally track the development trends in this area, Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Research Computing Center of Moscow State University started a joint project “Top50 list of the most powerful supercomputers”.

The rating includes 50 computing systems, which show the highest performance on the Linpack test up to the moment. The list renews twice a year (March/April and September). The rules of information submitting for participating in the rating are represented in the section of regulation rules for Top50 on the website of the rating.

Despite the comparatively short history of the project, published by this time editions of Top50 already form a rich content, which can be used as a basis for the substantial analysis of the dynamics of HPC area evaluation both in Russia. The website of the project offers a number of information blocks and services: the current and all previous editions, the detailed information on some systems, statistics, news, archived history, resource for creating a special view on the rating with the users’ criteria in order to perform advanced analysis.