Leonenkov Sergei

Current positions: 

M.S. Graduation works competition: Awarded 1st prize for the Research of methods to improve the efficiency of supercomputers' resource management project.

Personal Statement: 

Conducting research on high-performance computing clusters and supercomputers resource management and its common usage patterns, which can help to deliver a world-class user experience on the largest supercomputing systems in Russia and CIS countries.


Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Department of supercomputers and quantum informatics): Accelerated B.A. and M.S. program, Ph.D. candidate.

Участие в проектах: 
Experience in education: 

 Lecturer at Moscow State University (department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics), courses: "Alghorithms and Data Structures", "Administration of supercomputing systems", "Supercomputer modeling and technology".