Supercomputing Consortium of Russian Universities

The agreement about the formation of the Supercomputing Consortium of Russian Universities was signed by Rectors of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University, Tomsk State University and South Ural State University at the session of the Russian Union of Rectors on the 23d of December, 2008. The main objective of the Consortium is to use the School of Higher Education’s powerful potential to develop and implement Supercomputing Technologies in Russian education, science and industry.

Currently, the Consortium comprises 61 full and associate members, among whom there are leading Russian universities, the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and commercial companies, actively working in the Supercomputing Technologies. On the Consortium’s initiative, a number of scientific conferences, All-Russia Youth Schools and workshops were held, books are published, and analytical reports on Supercomputers are issued.

The Supercomputing Consortium of Russian Universities initiated and organized a successful implementation of the Russian Federation Presidential Commission Project on the modernization and technological development of Russian economy – "Supercomputing Education".